My Balloon Burst: Pants Are Overrated

5 Lessons from Kids About Running | Salty Running

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5 Lessons from Kids About Running – Salty Running

Still no interwebs at the house.  Looks like it’s going to be a couple of weeks.  Changed the password to my blog on my phone, but it didn’t sync to my  laptop OS & I couldn’t find out where it was hidden on my phone’s OS.  Finally figured it out today.  Brains!  They’re not just for zombie snacks.  So here I am with a very…

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In honor of the first day of BFRB Awareness Week, I made a powerpoint of an overview of Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs). Keep in mind that this is just an overview. 

Do you ever read about an illness/symptom of illness of go “Oh, so that’s what that thing I do is called?”  

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these puppies believe in you, and you should too

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Beyonce Dance For You Choreography

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Symptoms of social anxiety.

Symptoms of social anxiety.

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